What to Do in Denver; Where to Eat in Denver

A Personal Guide to Denver and Environs by Brock Wood

Last Updated: August 1, 2004


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Denver, veiwed from the east - City Park in the foregroud

Denver's skyline. This view is from the east, with City Park Lake in the foreground. You can see the distinctive "cash register" building as well as the gold-plated dome of the capitol.


Why I Created this Guide

Greetings, friends, relatives, co-workers, and anyone else who may have stumbled upon this mini guidebook! Enjoy!

I initially created this list of fun things to do and great restaurants to visit for a couple of friends who were new to the Denver area. Due to popular demand, I have converted the list into a web page, updated it a bit, and organized it better. I do not intend this guide to be comprehensive. Instead, I intend this guide to be my personal guidebook to Denver, including only the things *I* enjoy about our city and the surrounding area. This means that the activities and restaurants mentioned herein reflect my personal tastes, likes, dislikes, and biases, for better or for worse! ;-) In my opinion, most of the activities and restaurants mentioned herein are "hidden gems" you won't find in a typical tourbook. I hope you find it useful!


Useful Books, Maps, Weekly Newpapers, Etc.

Provided below are some basic tools for finding places to eat and things to do in Colorado. If you are moving to Denver, I recommend you at least get a copy of the Denver Regional Area SteetFinder. If you are just in town for a few days you can probably do well by just getting a basic Denver map and a copy of Westword. Need more detailed maps or driving directions? Try these two web sites: http://www.expediamaps.com or http://www.mapquest.com to find maps to places you want to visit.  

What I Left Out

I have intentionally omitted from this guide places and activities that are fun but not really unique to Colorado or Denver. For example, the Denver Zoo, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (formerly known as the Denver Museum of Natural History), the Denver Art Museum, and the Colorado Symphony are all great to visit, but there is nothing particularly "Denverish" or "Coloradoish" about them - any big city has these kinds of institutions.


The Guide!

What to Do

Where to Eat


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