My Family

My loved ones.

My Family

No man is an island. - John Donne

My two daughters are Annabelle Claire "Sunny" Stier-Wood and Naomi June Stier-Wood. That's Sunny on the left of the background image for this page. That's Naomi on the right.

Annabelle's Scrapbook
This is my elder daughter Annabelle's web site!

Naomi's Website
This is my younger daughter Naomi's web site!

Annabelle and Naomi
This is a website I created to collect together in one place various pictures, sounds, and other nifty things related to my two daughters, Annabelle and Naomi. Browse and enjoy!

Rose Reunion - July 2001
Pictures from the Rose Medical Center Prepared Childbirth Class reunion held at Bob and Angela's house. Includes pictures of Annabelle playing with her friends.

I am a loving boyfriend to the sweetest, kindest woman in the world: Laurel Amsel. We went on vacation last year. We took pictures.

Picure of Laurel and I on vacation

Isn't she sweet?

My mother is Margie A. Wood, of Colonial Heights, VA. She was born during the second year of the Herbert Hoover administration. She is still going strong!

Picure of Margie Wood

Mother Wood. Still going strong!

My brother (my only sibling) is John T. Wood, of Colonial Heights, VA. He was born during the Harry S. Truman Administration. Here is a silly picture of Johnny from a few years ago.

Picure of John T. Wood

A silly picture of my brother, Johnny, from a few years ago.